Dragon Magic

by Elías Snæland Jónsson

Hildur, a lively girl who lives
in a little country town, has recently
lost her mother, and one day she finds an ancient
and mysterious piece of jewelry that
her mother had owned. This jewel leads her
on an exhilarating adventure in Asgard,
the Land of the Gods.
There she meets her friends the Walkyries,
but one of them has gotten herself into Odinn’s
bad graces and disappears mysteriously.
Hildur decides to do everything in her
power to save her, but various obstacles bar
the way. The most challenging of these is
Loki himself, who is always slippery and scheming.

Dragon Magic is an independent sequel to The Walkyrie,
which tells of Hildur’s exciting journey to Asgard.

The author, Elias Snæland Jonsson, is well known for his
many books for children and young readers and has
received numerous awards for his works. Among them are
the Icelandic Children’s Book Award and a nomination to the international IBBY Honour List.
Dragon Magic is a vibrant and thrilling story that gives
young readers valuable insight into the world of Norse mythology.
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