Winner of the Icelandic Childrens Book Prize in 1993:
Deep in the Glacier

"Brak og brestir" by
Elías Snćland Jónsson

Words of the critics: What critics of the two
main newspapers in Iceland said about this youth novel:
"The telling of Hákons Easter adventure is well written, extremely
and strangely alive and memorable. Afterwards I felt as if
I had seen this trek on television, so clear are the images."
(DV. 24th June 1993).

"In the telling of the trek on the glacier the descriptions of the people and
nature are so very much alive that the reader can almost feel the cold wind
in his face and hear the heros talk together on the radio."
(Morgunblađiđ, 18th August 1993).

- A Short Résumé in English -

The main characters: Hákon is a 15 years old boy.
He lives with his father in the city of Reykjavík where he
attends school. Hákon has been in some trouble with the police.
He was once arrested for a break-in. His father is suddenly out of work.
He is offered a temporary job in a small town in northern Iceland (Akureyri).
So they have to move. Hanna Stína is a 15 years old girl. Hákon meets
her when they collide in bad weather on a skislope at Akureyri.
She is one of the new and intresting friends that Hákon meets
in this northern town. Soon he also finds some enemies.
Siggi is an old friend of his father. He lives at Akureyri and
is a truck driver and adventurer. Siggi has a passion for winter
in the cold, white and wild interior of Iceland - on the large
glaciers and snowcovered mountains and lava fields. He owns a
large mountain truck, called the Dragon, and some
snowmobiles as well.

The main story: Siggi invites Hákon and his father
on a safari during the Easter holidays. Traveling with
them is a group of young men from the town. This trip starts
out as a wonderful adventure for Hákon who delights in speeding
between the glaciers on the snowmobiles, sleeping in small huts in the
cold wilderness and bathing in the hot springs surrounded by snow and ice. But it turns
into a long and dangerous rescue operation when the weather suddenly becomes a series of
blizzards. First they come to the aid of travelers who have lost a jeep into
a big rift in one of the glaciers. Then they have to join many
other rescue groups in searching for two young men on
snowmobiles who have disappeared in the blizzard. It turns out
that one of them is the brother of Hanna Stína. The main part of the
story describes this search and rescue operation where Hákon comes
to play a crucial and heroic part. Among other things he has to go down into
a fissure in a glacier, about 40 meters, to find the two missing men and
help rescuing them. The story ends when Hákon returns to a hero's
welcome, a more secure future - and love.