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Lords of the Sea -

a synopsis of the novel
"Návígi á hvalaslóð"
By Elías Snæland Jónsson.

Ingi is a 14 years old Icelandic boy.
He and his marine-biologist parents Bogi and Hulda
are in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean on the research
vessel Hermes, owned by Leon, an American businessman and
whale enthusiast. Their objective is to try to understand the language
of the Great Blue Whale. They use new, hightech equipment to
systematically collect, analyse and return the sounds made
by a selected few of these largest beings on our planet.
One of these is a newborn whale called Daniel. In fact the story
starts with his birth. An early exiting chapter describes a sudden danger
for Ingi who is thrown into the cold sea and has a close encounter with the
young whale's father - who is the size of a large passanger plane!
Through his Canadian Internet friend Helena, who is also 14
years old, Ingi learns of the plight of a few blue whales
that are trapped in a small lagoon off the coast of
Maine/New Brunswick. As a last resort the
crew of Hermes decides to go there
and try to rescue the whales
by communicating with them. In the
end this attempt is successful. This stirres
the interest of Saul, Leon's secret and sinister partner.
Bogi is called to Washington where Saul demands complete
information on their analysis of the whales' language. Bogi declines.
Spring comes and with it the migration of the Great Blue Whale
to the north. Hermes followes the whales to Icelandic waters.
On the way Daniel becomes entangled in the gigantic nets
of a large Russian trawler. He is only saved by the
actions of the captain of an mysterious ship
called Seawitch. Later when the Seawitch and Hermes
are both in the harbour at Heimaey, the new home of the famed
whale Keiko, Ingi finds to his delight that the ship is owned by the
environmental organisation of Helena's father at that she is on board
They have a few wonderful days together on the beautiful island. But then
strange things begin to happen. Suddenly Ingi and Helena encounter
many dangers. It is an exiting finale to the story, where the Great
Blue Whale again makes an unexpected entry.