The Runic Code

by Elías Snæland Jónsson

On the birthday of Adolf Hitler
a 90 years old man - dressed in the
black uniform of the SS - visits a German
war memorial in an Icelandic cemetery
and shoots himself with an old Luger pistol.

When his beautiful granddaughter,
TV journalist Melkorka Steingrímsdóttir,
seeks answers to the riddle
she discovers her grandfather’s involvement
with the ruthless SS-chief Heinrich Himmler.
Soon she encounters murderous enemies desperately
searching not only for an ancient Runic Code to
unlock the secrets of the magic weapons of
Odin and Thor, but also a German U-boat,
lost in 1944, laden with Third Reich gold.   One Icelandic critic,
writing for the litterature webside:
has called Rúnagaldur „a first class thriller“.
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"A First Class Thriller."