The Valkyrie

by Elías Snæland Jónsson

Dangers in Asgard
Hildur is a strong twelve year
old girl who won’t be pushed
around by anyone.
One day she has an accident
and when she wakes up everything
has changed. She finds herself in the
land of the gods in the company
of three Walkyries. Together they
travel to Asgard, the dwelling place
of the gods, and face countless
perils and adventures, involving,
among others, Loki, the God of mischief.

Walkyrie is a funny and exciting
book adorned by Ingi Jensson’s illustrations.
Elias S. Jonsson is renowned for his wealth
of children’s books which have received
numerous prizes and awards.
He has, among other things, been awarded
the Icelandic Children’s Book Award and been
nominated for the IBBY Award
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