The Magic Valley
by ElÝas SnŠland Jˇnsson

T÷fradalurinn (The Magic Valley)
is a novel for children about the exiting
world of storytelling and fairy-tales. It
describes the adventures of 12 years
old Jenna and her friend Julius in
. This place is in the
"Magic valley" beyond the
Endless Mountains where all
the children's stories really come
from, and where the famous characters of all
your favourite books really live. The village
itself is beneath the terrible Witches' Peak,
the home of a legendary witch that
has been asleep for a long long
time. The story tells how Jenna enters
the Endless Mountains to look for the evil
witch in an effort to save all the beloved characters
from certain extinction. On this long and dangerous
trek she encounters some very strange beings,
among them the elusive Rainbow-man, the
industrious Bookworms and finally the
old witch herself.