Gold of the Vikings

By Elías Snæland Jónsson
In the childrens book "Víkingagull"
(or Gold of the Vikings) an
Icelandic boy, Bjólfur,
and a Norwegian girl,
Sonja, search for a secret
Viking treasure that has
been buried for more than
a thousand years.
The novel starts in Sweden
with an amazing discovery at the
Royal Library in Stockholm of a single
page from a lost manuscript of the
original saga of a group of
viking warriors called the
Jomsvikings. Then the story
moves to the west coast
of Norway as the families of
Bjólfur and Sonja sail from Bergen
to Hjörungavaag, the scene of a fierce
sea battle in the tenth century when the
golden treasure of a famous leader of the
Jomsvikings disappeared into the sea.
Bjólfur believes that the newly
found page from the lost manuscript
indicates what happened to the treasure.
But soon it becomes clear that he is not the
only one looking for the Viking gold. This
leads to a nerveracking finale that is
played out in the magnificient
mountains of Iceland. "Víkingagull" is
a very exiting new novel that brings together
our own millennium and that of the Vikings
that roamed the seas of the North Atlantic
in the year 1000 AD.